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Trying to Beat Midnight - Small Business Owner By Day; Road Warrior By Night

Everyone needs to ask for help sometimes. And there is no industry like America's Small Business Community that is comfortable coming to the table. The U.S. does a great job of touting the value of Small Business networking. But the real value is in those individual moments of face-to-face humility. In my time as a Small Business Advisor, I've had so many founders who have "come clean". They've reported that they don't know their business structure or they don't know their federal tax codes. Over time, one learns that these are not the things of small business. They are needed. And I always hope that someone has that taken care of for the business owner, but they are not today's goal. Today's goal is helping the consumer understand the value of the offerings. Many American small business owners are humble, earth-rooted folk. It's always touching to me to understand what motivated a founder to begin. The Small Business story is one of the best there is. Listening to these stories grounds me in my country and in my process. In my career and in my purpose.

I bet you've been there. Picture it. "Industry" Conference AnyYear. AnyTown, US. You're gearing up for a long line of after-breakfast speakers all of whom have a story. You wonder if you can hear another. But as the founders begin, you can't help but feel the pull. Doesn't everyone dream of reaching out and around today's goals to imagine what could be? The Small Business owner does this each and every morning like clockwork. And it keeps them going. The Small Business owner is still reaching well into the wee hours of the night. Waking up worrying. Napping on the plane. Pulling over to grab a "Road Warrior" cola to make it home by midnight.

When you've had a history of humble beginnings and reaching for your dreams, asking for help is a no-brainer. Join the Small Business Community now or later. But come to the table with questions. Welcome to a great community of listeners and those who primarily have your best interests at heart too. Because the more of us that are creating a useful economic and customized environment for the consumer, the more likely that both sides of the business exchange are finding value to grow on.

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