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We help small businesses get visibility in municipal, state and federal markets. Small Business owners have choices in who they trust to share their goals, strategies and capabilities with. When a small business makes a promise to a city, state or federal industry, they want to be able to put their best face forward. That's where we meet the demand. When a small business needs a proposal written or reviewed, they trust Cantilevers as the best company to elevate their proposal to the top of the evaluation pile. Proposal Authoring, Editing and Submission Services

Get to know our proven Draft Revision-WorksmartProcess* that cuts down on the number of drafts that exist prior to Proposal submission. This is where our facilitator's talents shine. We've recorded the years of solicitation lingo to quickly get what we need from your SMEs and help them translate their language into desired-proposal response language.

*WorksmartProcess (trademark pending)

The Art of Proposal Response

We can train you in the unique art of proposal writing for the small business owner who wants to go out on their own.

Certification/Registration Services

Thinking about being certified in any number of small-, minority-, woman-, veteran-, or other state or federal certification? We show you the path to achieve and maintain these visibility tools. Some clients prefer that we work to get them registered and others like us to teach them (and small groups) the registration processes and how each one interconnects with multiple databases of posting opportunities, requests for bids, quotes and contract opportunities. Time to level the playing field.


Cantilevers is an education and problem-solving company, creating environments where publicly funded agencies have heard about your small business and are reaching out to you. Areas of Expertise: ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ • Vision & Mission Statements • Technical Writing • Contract Management • RFPs & Responses • Team Building & Project Facilitating • Supplier Development Councils & Chambers of Commerce • Texas Statewide HUB, SAMs, DUNs • Strategic Planning • Business Plans Development • Capability Statements • Sales and Business Development Certifications/Education: ▔▔▔▔▔▔ Texas Certified Contract Managers are on staff along with Masters- & Bachelors- degreed individuals all set in motion for your benefit in the areas of Communication, Business & Public Administration, Public Relations, Copy-editing and much more...

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