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Proposal Writing for Everyone - Sponsored by UNT System HUB

Welcome to the class! Message me for your Eventbrite invitation email. We are now sponsored by UNT HUB System. This course is week-by-week, no commitment. It will be recorded for your review. Materials will be provided. It is flexible and friendly. Open atmosphere. Donation-based as you can pay. Suggested $5-10 per class/week. Custom information. You should leave with at least one proposal written by you to use as either a template or possibly to submit (based on due date). #

The Worksmart Option: Maximizing Results

At Cantilevers, we pride ourselves in educating the client. We know the cost of running small businesses as many of our staff are small business owners too. When the strategy is education, knowledge flows in both directions. Our clients welcome our vision of community education. The more small business owners that understand how state and federal contracts and policies work, the less "work" there is for all of us. Founded in 2020 after a combined 22 years of experience came t

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